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Clear Posture Image

Transparent Posture Assessment Grid

  • 6.5ft X 2ft
  • Transparent
  • Durable
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Use
  • Rolls into Tube for Affordable Shipping
  • Provides a method of quantifying postural asymmetry
  • Allows patients to easily identify their asymmetries in the mirror
Apply it to a Mirror
Patient stands in front of mirror and the transparent sheet allows for easy assessment of Postural Asymmetry! Both Doctor and Patient can view and CLEARLY identify the asymmetries.

Hang it From the Ceiling
Patient stands behind the transparent sheet and the grid allows for easy assessment of Postural asymmetry! The Doctor can view and CLEARLY identify any asymmetries.

Apply it to a Wall
The CLEARPosture can also be applied to a wall and then it becomes like a posture chart. This application removes the benefits of this products “transparency” but allows it to work like other posture charts available.


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