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6 Key Elements of Great Chiropractic Brochures


  • Vibrant Images – captivating images to engage the reader. Bright, colorful imagery is important in brochures to draw the reader in and maintain interest.
  • Many Topic Headings to Organize Text The text is organized with many basic headings followed by one or two paragraphs of text. This organizes the information into simple points which helps to create easy understanding and maintains reader interest.
  • Modern “Sans Serif” Fonts – Design Focused text – To create a more modern look and feel we use sans serif fonts. “Serif” texts are more traditional texts and can make materials look dated – often used in books and newspapers that require more extensive reading because they are slightly easier to read. With Brochures and Marketing pieces where eye-catching design is the primary intent – sans-serif fonts are the way to go because they create a crisp, new, up to date look and feel to the text.


All our chiropractic brochures use premium 100lb paper stock and are printed on a high resolution press to ensure a professional look and feel.


Our brochures are primarily designed to do one thing – ATTRACT NEW PATIENTS. They do this by answering basic questions like: “How can chiropractic help ME with …. Whiplash, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Headaches, Sciatica, Osteoarthritis, Disc Herniations, Athletic Performance, Asthma, Colic. Patients need to understand what you do and trust that it is of value to them. Our brochures serve to provide simple answers to common questions so patients can gain basic insight into how your office can help them. Marketing 101 – Identify a problem people need solved and provide a solution! “Low Back Pain – We Can Help” – that is a brochure likely to capture the attention of anyone suffering from Low Back Pain. If you don’t have a set of brochures that quickly and simply explain how your office helps with specific issues commonly experienced by people in your community – you are missing a golden opportunity!


Easy to read brochures – coherent professionally written and professionally edited text to ensure they are easy to read and are easy to understand. Abundant headings and captivating images keep the information organized and to the point.


If that is not already enough reasons – the final topper – AWESOME PRICING!. We print in high volume and pass the savings onto you. Although pricing shouldn’t be the main reason for purchasing a specific brochure, the reality is you are looking at where to best invest your marketing dollars. If a brochure is half the price you can hand out twice as many for your same marketing dollars and when it comes down to it, a lot of marketing is just getting your information into the hands of as many prospective patients as possible. If you are going to pick a brochure that is double the price it should be 200% more likely to bring someone into your office. Our brochures offer compelling professional design and content in addition to great pricing – what more could you want? Compare our prices with other similar brochures – Our price for 50 copies = $11.95 Competitors charge Over $20 and up to $30 for the same 50 copies.


Our chiropractic brochures have a blank back page for easy customization with your own office information. We sell full color, beautifully designed custom stickers that can easily be added to the back of our brochures – and you get 25% of your stickers when you order brochures.

Custom stickers are an affordable way to ensure all literature leaving your office contains impressive full color customization. Our stickers fit perfectly on both our stretch booklets and chiropractic brochures and are a great way to add impressive full color design to anything leaving your office. We can also create full customized brochures for your clinic where everything on your brochure is customized. If you order in high volumes this is actually a more affordable way to purchase brochures.

Chiropractic Sticker Design Image for Chiropractic Clinics - 25% off with purchase of 100 Chiropractic Stretch Booklets or Brochures

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