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These 20 page stretch and exercise handbooks provide a simple method of implementing an effective, convenient and professional home exercise program. Our guides are professionally crafted to provide an extensive set of well explained and clinically relevant stretching and strengthening exercises that can be used to improve the care of each and every patient who enters your clinic.

Types of Care Chiropractic Brochure

  • Full Color Vibrant Chiropractic Brochures
  • 8.5 X 11 inch – Trifold Brochures
  • Quality 100lb Gloss Paper Stock
  • Professional Look and Feel
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Types of Care Chiropractic Brochure/Chiropractic Pamphlet

This Chiropractic Pamphlet is great for educating patients about the many benefits of chiropractic care. Many patients are unaware that chiropractic treatment and the health of the spine are tied with overall body health and wellness. Patients often start chiropractic care with many preconceived notions about chiropractic and many first come because they are looking for relief from back/neck pain. This simple brochure highlights to patients how chiropractic care can have many benefits beyond symptom relief. It explains, in simple terms a patient can understand, that because chiropractic care effects the spine and nervous system that the effect of treatment can impact virtually any system in the body. It explains that their is more to treatment and health than simply relieving symptoms and that the goal is to correct and maintain the health of the spine – not just to alleviate pain.

Chiropractic Brochures can help ensure your biggest source of referrals – your existing patients – understand the many ways chiropractic care can help them, their friends and their families. These brochures use high quality 100lb gloss paper with vibrant print color. They are also printed in high volume to keep prices low – most other competitors sell for over $20 for 50 brochures – our price – $11.95. Great Design – Vibrant Color – Compelling Professional Content – all at a GREAT PRICE – order yours today!

Types of Care Chiropractic Brochures

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